853 Cases of Electrical Accidents Involving 425 Deaths
China Press, 12 Oct 2016


EC: improper wiring may lead to electricity leakage
853 cases of electrical Accidents INVOLVING 425 deaths

The Energy Commission (EC)’s Director of the Electrical Safety Regulation Department, Mohd Elmi Bin Anas said a total of 853 cases of accident related to electrical were recorded between year 2002 up to September 30 this year. Out of these, there were 425 death cases.

He said some of the general public are carrying out improper wiring works at home for the sake of convenience or to save electricity costs. However, they may not be aware that such approach may lead to serious consequences, including possible electricity leakage or even electrocution.

Avoid the use of non-conforming cables

“There are also people who use substandard cables in order to save a small amount of cost. This may result in electricity leakage due to unstable voltage, which is a serious threat on household safety.”

Mohd Elmi said this during the opening ceremony of EC’s Workshop on Guidelines and Techniques of Identifying Substandard Cables and Electronic Products today.

Those who were present included Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Officer Fauziah, Consultant of The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM) Teh Dun Wei, as well as member of Malaysia Cable Manufacturers Association (MCMA) Rosnizah (names transliterated).

Mohd Elmi said statistics show improper wiring works and usage of non-conforming cables had constituted the majority of complaints the EC received last year.

He said despite numerous advices given, a small group among the public refused to heed advices and did things the old way. There was nothing the EC and enforcement units could do.

“The enforcement units would immediately advise or take necessary actions as soon as they identify improper wiring works or usage of non-conforming cables. Regrettably, some of the people have been committing the same mistakes.”

Illegal to use uncertified electrical appliances

Fauziah said it is illegal for the public to use electrical or electronic products without certification. If this is discovered by the Enforcement Unit, users could be fined at a maximum of RM100,000 under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

She said the product details and sample of any electrical or electronic products would have to be sent to the MCMC, as well as SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd for safety inspection prior to selling in the market. Products which have passed inspections would be labelled with safety labels. If they fail in the inspections, the products would be rejected and manufacturers would have to make amendments before sending for inspection again.

On the other hand, Fauziah mentioned that some Malaysians favour in buying electronic products from overseas to be used back in Malaysia. However, she reminded that according to MCMC’s regulations, due to safety concern, electronic products purchased overseas are only meant for personal use but not for sale openly.

Identify appropriate wiring spot for safety usage of water heater

As the reports of death incidents due to water heater electricity leakage are occasionally heard, consultant of TEEAM, Teh Dun Wei said such tragedies could actually be avoided with proper selection of cable and identification of location for wiring.

He said death incidents caused by electricity leakage occur most commonly at water heater in the bathroom. This is mainly due to failure to install electrical circuit breaker (ECB), which prevents events of electricity leakage from being discovered in the first place.

“ECB will inspect and measure leaked electricity to prevent household tragedies. At the same time, regular inspections need to be carried out to ensure the safety tripping mechanism is in working condition.”

Teh added that many people have neglected the installation of ECBs on water heaters. He explained that the installation cost is not high, but it requires professionals to install.