About MCMA
  Associate Bearer
  Affiliations: SIRIM

Our Objective

  1. To increase the membership of the Association through a membership drive campaign.
  2. To actively promote the presence and representation of the Association in the Malaysian cable and wire industry through constant liaison and meetings with the relevant officials of the specific Ministries, government agencies and authorities, customer (TNB/TMB), and Press Releases.
  3. To participate in conferences/forum organised by the Government in relation to plans/strategies or any other matters concerning the development of the local cable and wire industry.
  4. To promote the products of the members of the Association under the Buy Malaysian Campaign - conduct seminars on range of products; usage and technical aspects (including quality) of product; competitiveness of products; and services provided by members to user/buyer groups like utility companies, contractors, wholesalers, etc. This should include new/variant products developed by members.
  5. To organise and/or participate in overseas trade missions for potential export market of members' products and/or for members' investments plan.
  6. To participate in any National Standards bodies to help set of influence both National and Regional Standards.
  7. To keep the membership aware of the possible impact of AFTA on the industry and to ensure the Government is informed of any possible damages.
  8. To provide a forum for the Malaysian cable and wire industry to meet and to discuss the common issues facing all members, e.g. overcapacity, activities of TNB in cable making, import penetration.

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