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MCMA Membership Application

As a member of the Malaysian Cable Manufacturer Association, you will be subject to the rules and regulations of the organization. This includes abiding by the code of conduct and any other guidelines set forth by the association.

In becoming a member, you are also agreeing to support the objectives of the organization, which include promoting the interests of the cable manufacturing industry in Malaysia. Please read the rules and constitution before submitting this form.

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About MCMA

The Malaysian Cable Manufacturers Association (MCMA) was established to enhance the reputation of the Malaysian cable industry as a responsible and ethical association of manufacturers.

The MCMA strives to bring about a degree of cooperation between manufacturers to improve the industry’s efficiency, the standard of products, and sales service to the market.

The MCMA also actively promotes the presence and representation of the Malaysian cable industry through constant liaison and meetings with the relevant officials of the Malaysian government, ministries, agencies, and authorities.